Administrative Assistant

ready to support you!

My name is Lynzee Bewcyk. I am honest, reliable and you can trust that I will deliver my best work to you. With a decade of experience in administrative roles I am excited to offer my support. I specialize in conscious initiatives that support communities and help them thrive.

Ready to give yourself more time in the day?

For the past decade I have had the chance to work on a variety of projects. This includes event planning and coordinating a school garden. I have a dynamic mindset and an eye for detail. I am all about creating solutions to solve any task at hand. Organizing, fund raising, and promoting are my specialty!

Whether you’re needing help with a small task or managing a large project, I can help you get started, create a plan, implement the plan and support you however you need.


“Lynzee is one exceptional human being! She is compassionate, inspiring and creative. I’ve enjoyed watching her inspire the younger generation to grow local food and cultivate their own creative gifts.”

Leah Austin / TCFI - Tofino Community Food Initiative

“Collaborating with Lynzee is a real treat. She makes things happen the right way!”

Sarah Boisvert / Event Planning Partner


Event Coordinator to Raise Funds for Tofino Arts Council